Courses offered by us ranges from basic, a comprehensive Diploma in Pet Grooming Management, courses approved by ISCC and Truly International Accredited Courses to further education programs.

These courses combine the substance of traditional academic preparation with modern, hands-on teaching techniques based on our unique Fusion grooming philosophy of merging the best of East (Japan, Korea & Taiwan) and West (United States).


Whether you are a recent school leaver, or a mature age student who wants to venture into the pet industry, Groomers Connection Academy has the right program to groom you to your new promising career.

The decision you make today on which academic programme to pursue depends highly on your aptitude, interest and ambition. Wherever your dreams may take you, rest assured that our courses will pave a clear path ahead for you.

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Our two most famous courses:

Other courses:
  • Degree in Profiles Styling Management
  • Creative & Colouring Course with International Instructor 
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