Established in 2009, Groomers Connection Academy is an International Pet Styling educational institution providing uncompromised education for aspiring professional pet stylist to be for Malaysian and International students.

Located at Kuala Lumpur, our students can be academically and socially rewarded.

Our teaching methodology of Fusion Trimming Style which combines the Western breed standard profiles with Asian adorable pet styling, created by our founder, were highly sort after in the pet styling industry which even includes country like United States of America.

Groomers Connection Academy officially received the International Accreditation in 2009, and today it is still the only International Accredited Pet Grooming Academy in Malaysia.

In 2011 & 2012, we were presented with a prestigious award, which is SME100 award for being Malaysia fastest moving company.

2012, Groomers Connection Academy again received another International award – Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award.

Year 2012, we, Groomers Connection Academy yet received another big recognition from the shore of England. Our academy collaborate with South Essex College, England.

2013, marks another step forward when we become the first ISCC approved academy in Asia region. 

Built by Groomers for Groomers. This is not just our tagline, but it personifies our love for the pets, creating a foundation for students to realize their love and passion for pets in a connected environment, which, we hope will contribute positively to the industry.

We are on Astro Awani

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We are on NTV7 Bella Weekend

Our strive for excellence education, provided us with the following recognition:
  • 1st Certified Pet Styling Academy in Asia region by USA ISCC;
  • 1st USA ISCC Meritus in Asia;
  • 1st USA ISCC Master Pet Stylists in Asia;  
  • 1st Certified Pet Care Technician in Malaysia;
  • 1st Pet Styling Academy to be awarded as Winner of SME100 - Fastest Moving Company in Malaysia two years in a row;
  • 1st International Accredited Pet Grooming Academy in Malaysia;
  • 1st Certified Pet Styling Academy by Pet Care Association of Malaysia;
  • 1st Pet Styling Academy in Malaysia to have an International College as Education Partner;
  • 1st Individual (our instructor) in the Pet Grooming Industry to be awarded as Winner of Asia Pacific Entrepeunership in Malaysia;
  • Certified FCI-APAC Grooming Judge;
  • Approved Pet Styling Academy of MAGIC - Malaysia Animal Groomers International Club;
  • Acquired your Professional Pet Styling Knowledge in an International Accredited Grooming Facilities in Malaysia;  
  • Groomers Connection Academy's Instructors Won Many International and Local Grooming Competition;
  • Recognition and Praised from Media and Press.
Our Tagline - Built by Groomers for Groomers did not just pushed us to greater heights but also for our students whom have seen and gained many success and experience from being with us.

Come and let's be connected together in grooming our lovely pets!