Pre-requisite: Passion and love for pet

Duration: 50 days

Timetable: Full & Part time available

If you are highly motivated and excel at being a self-starter, you will definitely love our intense and comprehensive program all pack into three (3) months period and best of all at a very competitive course fee.

Course Descriptions:

This course focus on grooming skills necessary to have you started as a professional pet groomer. 

Part 1

You will be taught on basic hygienic grooming and handling of dogs, including brushing, clipping nails, cleaning ears, preparatory for clipping, bathing, and drying, and basic finishing techniques for various breeds.

Part 2

You will be taught to properly groom popular breeds encountered in a grooming salon. Focus is on clipper trims, matching head styling and related scissoring skills to blend into perfecting the styling.

Upon graduate, you will find yourself able to contribute pet grooming professionally in the pet industry.

Lastly, we encourage you to proceed to our Diploma in Pet Grooming Management once you successfully graduated from the course.

Let's groomed to succeed!