Groomers Connection Academy Testimonials

Student: Nicole Tan
Press: TheStarTV

Student: Lim Niam Zhi

Groomers Connection Academy (hereafter known as 'GCA') always teaches us to groomed each dog with a sincere heart and love. GCA is all about beautifying of the pets with love and on top of it, GCA also teaches us not to used harmful grooming products and tools which will cause many health problems to the pets. 

Besides attending normal day to day classes, GCA also organised many extra-curricular activities for students to participate in, for example: dog confirmation show (the show that I won many awards and adopted my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), cat fancy show and many mores!!!

GCA always give me many reasons to come to study everyday because of the love shown in every class.  :)

Student: Samantha Teh

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you that have taught me. 

From being just interested in dog grooming till I became a professional groomers today, all of you had given me lots of courage and advises. 

The instructors here had taught me things beyond the class (extra activities such as grooming competition) that is very useful for my future-grooming career. Although I’ll be leaving the academy but all of you will always be in my heart. You guys not only treat me like a student but as a friend as well. 

Really appreciate having you guys with me for the past one year and we shall stay in touch!

Student: Klyie

It was my very first time taking part in this kind of volunteer work, which allowed me to experience teamwork amongst each other in the academy!

Teamwork has begun in this special day as we pay a visit to a wonderful place called ‘The Furry Friends Farm House”

The shelter mainly provides home to homeless animal. It is located in Rawang and the late Ms. Sabrina is the founder.  J

Every one of us has our own task, such as bathing, shampooing and shaving. Each of us was well prepared for it but who knows…we were allocated in an open area!!! Means, sun protection is the utmost important in that ‘heat’ moment! End of the day, every one of us went home with our beautiful reddish skin.

It was really fun to see the hard work and loves that we had contributed to every single dog!

Take a leash. Give a life.