Pre‐requisite: Passion and love for pet

Duration: 100 days classes

Timetable: Full and part time available

This is our most popular and flexible training course. Be a International Certified Pet Groomer while studying this course with us.  

The only course in Asia that is certified by USA ISCC.

Course Description:

You will get to experience both side of grooming with our unique fusion grooming which combines the western and eastern art of grooming.

You will be educated on theoretical and practical side of grooming.

Part One:

You will be taught on basic pet health problem and care together with hygienic grooming such as brushing, combing, clipping, nails, cleaning ears, bathing and drying techniques.

Part Two:

Clippers and scissoring techniques, together with proper pet clip setting for various breeds will be introduce.

Emphasis is placed on perfecting scissoring and clipping skills while concentrating on proper breed profile, proper handling skills, correction grooming with efficiency, without affecting the grooming precision.

Introductory to anatomy, nutrition and business management will be taught during the second part of the course.

The bulk of the course program is spent practicing and improving your grooming skills with pets under the guidance of our academy instructors.


• Optional Industrial training at our Associate company;
• Free continuing education as a student or even as a graduate;
• Exposure to community social responsibility, dog conformation show and other academy activities.
• Free one year membership to Pet Care Association of Malaysia

This program is for you if you wish to turn your passion and love for pet to a career as a professional pet groomer.

By the time you graduate, not only will you have the skills necessary to groom any breed of dog, you’ll also have a strong foundation, confidence and knowledge to be successfully hired into an established salon or even start your own business straight out of academy!

Let’s groomed to success together!