Pre-requisite: Passion and love for cat

Duration: Three (3) days course with optional classes

Training Schedule: By appointment and availability of GCA Master Pet Instructor time

Course Description:

This course focus on overall well being of the cat and geared you to acquire necessary grooming skills to pass the certification exams and pursue a career as a professional cat groomer.

Course Outline: 

a) Welfare and Handling Elements

You will be taught on first aid procedures, basic cat diseases, managing health and welfare of the cats. You will be confident in handling and able to understand cat behaviours.

b) Cat Grooming Elements

Basic hygienic and maintenance grooming  such as brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, bathing, blow drying and basic finishing techniques will be introduced.

Lastly, scissoring and clipping  skills will be taught during the course.

Bonus: Introduction to creative styling will be shown as well.

Let's purr together!